Technical Literacy

There are certain things in life that people learn for themselves.

Unfortunately it seems technical literacy is not one of those things.

So what is technical literacy?

It's someone's ability to navigate a computer and the applications your business uses.

Technical literacy is no respecter of persons.

I see people struggle at any age group.

It's something we might think about when hiring an older candidate but the reality of it is is that younger candidates have the same problems.

The good news is that technical literacy is something that can be taught.

Take a look at your staff.

Who on your team might be struggling?

Consider what you can do to help them.

Believe me, they are out there. Quietly sitting in their cubicle or in their office with the door closed staring at their computer trying to figure out how to do something.

Technical literacy is a huge productivity killer.

In the short term the best thing you can do is to identify where your staff has gaps  Then get your people some training.

Give them the help they need.  The payback will be huge.

When you are hiring then make sure that the candidate can actually do what they say they can do on a computer.

It's costing you money!

Another thing you can do is to add technical literacy as part of your onboarding plan when hiring new people.

This will give the new hire ample time to learn the tools they need to do their job.

Obviously this still will not cover a person’s ability to use email or create a worksheet. It will not help a person better format a report or provide a decent presentation.  But these are things they are taught in junior colleges all over the US.

Invest in your people.

You will see a payback.