Working From Home

Working from home -  there's one of those black and white questions I get.

Either you're OK with people working from home or you're not.

I’m okay with people working from home.

The biggest challenge is maintaining your company culture. 

But here's the secret... Your culture needs to change. 

So unless you're willing to allow your culture to evolve then allowing staff to from home will always be a challenge. 

Technology today is designed to allow people to work from home.

Take Microsoft office 365 or Google Suite for example.  Both Apps allow for collaboration in several ways.  Modern phone systems allow you to provide your clients a seamless experience no matter where your staff is. 

So it really comes down to personal preference.

Either you embrace the idea or you don't.

I see very successful businesses in both camps.

It's not a bad thing what do you choose one or the other.

It's just personal preference.

And… Don’t forget about your culture.