Why Should I Care?

There's a great song by The Who entitled 5:15 that starts off with the line “Why should I care?"

I received an email yesterday from a client with a list of items to talk about.

Here's the thing. 
People need help.

We all get 1 million things thrown on us each day. 

But it's truly the people that push themselves and their companies to the next level that ultimately succeed. 

So why do I care? 

At the end of the day. I genuinely like helping people solve problems.

Whether it's the people, process or systems in business - I like helping people.

You know what's really cool?  It’s when a client is engaged and we're having a dialogue and things are improving.

The pay off is when people are actively trying to get the tech right in their business. 

When I get to the point with a client where were actively engaged on getting the tech right in their business it's freaking awesome.

Upward and onward.

The Who - 5:15