Troubleshooting 101

I have a problem. I need you to fix it.

In the tech world.  We hear these phrases on a daily basis.

It seems that this comes with the territory.

Fixing problems is what we do. 

But how do we solve problems? 

Everyone seems to do it a little bit differently. 

We’ll there’s a lot of ways to solve a problem. 

There's the scientific method. 
There's just plain old trial and error.
There's even the chaos method where you just throw bunch of stuff at the wall and hope the problem gets solved.

The thing is... when you have a problem that you needed solved what do you do? 

Some people give the problem to somebody else to solve.
Some people demand that somebody else solve their problems for them.
Some people want to solve the problem all by themselves and don't ask anybody for any help.

To me the key to problem-solving is to have structure.  

This translates to understanding the problem.  I do this by asking a lot of questions.  Then ask more questions.  Then develop a hypothesis.  Then test the hypothesis.  And then voila! the problem is solved.

You see there's a reason why we were taught the scientific method in school.

The problem is we all forgot it and so we continue to try to solve problems in an unstructured fashion which begets more problems.

So yeah let's figure out how to fix that problem.