We Suck Less

It is unfortunate reality that in the IT services market finding the best of the best can be really hard. 

It was many years ago when I coined the phrase we suck less as an apt description of where my company sat in the market compared to the competition.

IT companies all float in what is know as a sea of sameness.

You see in the IT managed services space there is very little difference between many of the providers.

At the end of the day you're buying the guys that you feel are best going to be able to handle your problems and with any luck can provide you a forward looking vision for your tech.

Very few companies rise above the rest and so quite often you are left with the decision of choosing the company that sucks less.  It is with that thought that I came up with the term we suck less.

Maybe it's a glass half-full sort of comment but it does get the point across.

When looking for a new IT company make sure you find somebody who sucks less than the last one.