Dogs On The Loose In Hollywood

Yesterday while I was driving home a small dog ran into the middle of the road.

Everyone came to a complete stop.

I watched as a woman who was closest to the dog stepped off the sidewalk and picked up the dog - taking it to safety.

We all waited until she was off the road and then everyone went along their way.

This morning on the way to work there was another dog on the road.

This time we came to a stop, a different woman gets out of her car, picks up the dog and puts it in her car to drop off at the pound.

First off - I have to give credit to women.

Right now the score with regards to dog rescues in Hollywood is Women = 2 / Men = 0.

Thought of the day.

With the tech in your business there will be times when your dog figuratively runs away. 

Someone will leave a door open.
Some device will go awry.
A little chaos will be inserted into your day.

Sometimes the problems will be big.
Sometimes the problems will be small.

Last weekend a couple of clients had some tech hiccups.

This meant I had to pause my weekend for a few hours to set things straight.

It’s part of the job and I don’t mind doing it.

When something breaks.
When things get a little crazy.
When your dog gets loose.

Know that your friendly neighborhood tech guy will be there to help.

Or at least watch while a women does the rescue.