It's Time To Evolve Your Tech

Just finished a security assessment for a client yesterday.

With the rapid growth they’ve experienced they're concerned that they may have some data leakage problems.

Imagine a multinational company that’s grown by 4x in the past year.

These guys are running fast.

And they’re not slowing down.

When I started working with this company we setup the environment to scale.

We do this for everyone.

But in the clients case.  The team, the energy and the passion all told us these guys were going to grow.

Now we’re up to the point where we need to add that next layer of protection.

You see, as this company has grown their needs have evolved.

And so we need to make some adjustments to the existing environment.

It’s a normal part of growth.

An tech evolution of sorts.

It’s great to watch companies grow.

When you have a properly built tech environment it’s easy to take the next step.

Things are less of a challenge when you start right.