How To Know If A Vendor's Got The Goods

How do you know if a vendor really does - Got the goods?

With more and more services being sold online it can be hard to tell.

Take size for instance.

Does size matter?

Well in some thing’s it does.

And if size does matter, what’s the right size?

I was at a client meeting the other day and the client mentioned to me that he was receiving security tips emails on a daily basis from a service provider.

Just out of curiosity I asked him to send me one of the emails.

So I went and checked out this company’s website.

They have an about us page with four people.

Each one describing their pedigree.

Then I go to their services page.

Their service is described as a one line sentence coupled with a generic picture downloaded from the Internet.

Then I went to their product page which was basically an unsecured order form asking your for your credit card information to sign up for their service.

This is nuts!

I jump back to the about us page and look up a couple of the leaders on LinkedIn.

Their profile state that they all work for different companies.

So I do a quick query on one of those companies and it’s a LLC registered to somebody’s house in the middle of nowhere.

I stop here.

This review took less than five minutes to do.

Now back to size.

In this specific case it looks like the size is very small.

Let's add some criteria to this.

Size of company = 4
Depth of service offering = One line description on web site.
Importance of the product being to your business = Security services (super important)
Expertise needed to deliver this product = Putting up an insecure web page is a sure sign they don't know much about security.

Given just the 4 items I just listed.

I’d say this company is definitely not a fit.

There were just too many red flags. 

It can be really hard to tell if what you’re being presented with is a viable business sometimes.

Emails and web sites can be misleading if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Companies that represent themselves as something they’re not do a disservice to everyone.

Need help knowing if your vendor or potential vendor has got the goods?

Shoot me an email.