How To Find A Good Tech Company

If you’re looking for an IT company to help you with your tech - there are many options.

One common type of IT company that can help you with your tech is what is referred to as a Managed Service Provider or MSP for short.

Manage Service Providers came onto the tech scene a little over 10 years ago.

The business model came as a response to the growth and maturity of the technology in small business america.

Prior to the MSP, the small business market was served by solo operators, independent consultants or what were affectionately know as trunk slammers.

As a result a lot of companies had some bad tech.

The newly formed promise of a Managed Service Provider made a lot of sense.

MSP’s could handle everything related to the tech in your business.

Nowadays the Manage Service Provider has morphed into a few different flavors.

These include the following:

Smoke and Mirrors, Jiffy Lubes and Full-Service Providers.

The first category Smoke and Mirrors may look and feel like a capable service provider but they’re really a 1 to 5 person business operating with limited capabilities.  They sell big and deliver small.

Tip:  When interviewing for a new tech company.  Ask them how many people they have.  Next, ask them if you can visit their office.

The second aptly named the Jiffy Lube or Jiffy IT is much the same.  Jiffy IT’s package their offering into small bite sized chunks. Their goal is to maximize revenue and limit service offerings.  As a result their service is very transactional with little to no value add.  If you want anything outside of the basics it will cost you.  These types of companies are not organized to provide comprehensive services.  You'll feel like a transaction.

Tip:  When interviewing for a new tech company.  Ask them if they have an SLA.  If they do and they’re excited to talk about it you might be talking with a Jiffy IT.

The third category is the Full-Service MSP.  The Full-Service MSP provides you not only the core services you need but also the depth and breadth of experience to manage the tech in your business.  Yes they cost more, but you get more.

It’s really up to you which way you want to go.

If you really want to get the tech right in your business then take your tech to the pros.

If you’re looking for a quick in and out service - know upfront what you're getting yourself in to.

There's a difference between an quick oil change and comprehensive care.

It’s important to know what you’re getting upfront so that you’re not disappointed later.

Happy shopping!