Stop Blurting Out Crap In Meetings

Have you ever been in a meeting and some manager starts rattling off a list of things they think need to be done?

They sometimes even go as far as directing those tasks to a certain individual.

You sit there quietly and think.

That poor sucker. 

He’s not even writing anything down.

To add insult to injury, the person blurting out the tasks actually thinks all of his tasks have merit.


Well, because the words came out of their mouth.

Nuts.  Yes.  I know.

Now this happens across most companies.

And it’s a culture killer.

Someone rattles off some tasks.

And then days or weeks later that same someone is mad because their tasks aren’t done.

There’s a couple challenges in this.

One is the habit of blurting out a bunch of tasks and then not properly discussing, assigning and setting expectations.

The second and more dangerous part of this behavior is that - in almost every instance when this happens - these tasks are not related to the company’s goals.

So I guess the lesson in all of this is.

Don’t blurt out tasks in a meeting just because you can.

If you want to brainstorm - take it somewhere else.

Always drive towards your goals.

Sidestreets and off roading are treacherous paths.

Have a plan.

Know the plan.

Stick to the plan.

Your company will be the better for it.