I'd Rather Be Lucky Than Good

Friend of mine coined the saying - I'd rather be lucky than good.

He said this every time something good happened.

It was kind of a joke.

But it was also - kind of true.

For example…

We were working at a start up and really wanted to land a contract with the Irvine Company.

So what did we do?

We dialed the main number and asked to speak to their top guy.

And you know what happened?

They put us through.


These situations occurred on a fairly regular basis.

We’d put ourselves out there and then good things would happen.

This helped us to build some pretty incredible businesses together.

But do you know where the real luck was in all this?

It was the act of making the effort.

It was picking up the phone and making that phone call.

It was showing up at a clients office because we knew it would make a difference.

It was working all night to launch a product.

It was all of the effort.

Some people like to tell you how good they are.

Others are just lucky I guess.


Luck only comes when you put in the effort.