The One Christmas Lesson Everyone Misses

Christmas can be about everything.

Then again - Christmas can be about nothing at all.

Some people say Christmas is about celebrating Christ’s birth.

Others say it’s about Family.

Still others say it’s a pagan holiday that the Catholic’s commandeered.

Say what you want about what Christmas is.

We all miss the real lesson in Christmas.

Big reveal…

The biggest lesson in Christmas is generosity.

Yep, the act of being generous.

A lesson that we all miss.

Me included.

You know how people say - I wish everyday was like Christmas?

Well, maybe the truth lies a little farther down the path.

What if everyone was generous.?

In a me me me world it’s hard to be generous.

Its hard enough to just stop swimming in your own thoughts.

So what is generosity?

Quick definition time.

The modern English word “generosity” derives from the Latin word generous, which means “of noble birth,”.

During the 17th Century, the meaning and use of the word began to change.

Generosity became associated not with literal family heritage but a nobility of spirit — that is, with various admirable qualities that could vary from person to person, not depending on family history but on whether a person actually possessed those qualities.

So let’s cut to the chase so that you can get back to your family or spending more time online.

So how do you do this generosity thing?


It’s not about buying things for people.

It’s not about giving what you can’t afford to give.

It’s not the appearance of giving.

It’s not about doing something just because.

It’s about truly giving.

Giving your time, your talents or anything uniquely you.

The key being uniquely you.

When you can share that thing which is uniquely you - Then you’re generous.

A true mindset of generosity will help you be successful in your career, and fulfilled in your life.

So as we move forward with this thing called life.

Remember to be generous.

In thought, action and deed.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Definition of generosity borrowed from here