Why HubSpot Is Not Apple

We’ve been looking at implementing HubSpot for our business.

We did our research and they’ve got a great platform and a great community.

And so we went through their sales process.

And we were genuinely impressed.

The front end sales process was elegant and very well done.

We understood what it could do for our business.

We could even see ourselves using the product in our daily business.

Like I said.  We were genuinely impressed.

And so we said - yes we would like to move forward.

We negotiated a discount with very little effort.

Things made sense.

And so we gave them a verbal yes over the phone and waited for the agreement.

And then things got weird.

It was like we when went from shopping at the Apple Store to bargaining on the streets of Tijuana.

Customer experience hit a brick wall.

We were no longer delighted.

HubSpot came back with no explanation and presented us a contract that didn’t make sense. 

The vision did not match the reality.

It felt like a bait and switch.

And it really was not cool.

Flash forward a couple of days and we eventually worked things out.

The moral of the story is - HubSpot is not Apple.

While they succeed on many levels.

Their sales close process leaves a lot to be desired.

Let me just say the sales person did a great job on the front end.

But there’s an organizational and process problem in sales.

And it needs to be fixed.