Office 365 Is Selling Like Hotcakes

We picked up another Microsoft Office 365 migration project today.

This one is for a client right we brought on a few months back.

Switching to a new IT company doesn’t always mean change up front.

As a matter of fact, when we bring on a new customer on we try to keep change to a minimum.

So the first change we roll out is - better tech support.

I figure if we can give better tech support then the last IT company that’s a good change anyone can welcome.

Starting with a good change helps build the relationship.

So on the subject of Microsoft Office 365 selling like hotcakes.

The number one project my company does right now are migrations to Microsoft Office 365.

All I can say is that Microsoft has a great offering on their hands and as a result a lot companies are moving to it.

The cool thing about doing the same project over and over again is that you can get really good at it.

We’ve built a pretty solid blueprint on how to get clients on to Office 365.

So yeah, Office 365 is selling like hotcakes.

And I like to joke and say - we bring the syrup that makes it sweeter.