Tech Compliance In A Nutshell

Private Cloud
Hosted Services

There are many names for it.

But what it boils down to is this…

A couple of guys rent some data center space.

Buy some servers.

And then host your company computing on their servers for a monthly cost.

I was talking with some tech guys the other day and they were going on about how to be FINRA and SEC compliant you needed to have all of your computing in a data center.

Most of what they said was based on opinion.

Their opinion.

There’s a big push in the tech industry to sell companies in the financial services space “Compliant Computing”

Their mindset is that if they can control everything you do.

You will be safe.


Remember how I told you I do you guys like to control everything?

This is one of those times.

Should your company go with a vendor to host your entire environment in a private cloud?

The answer is as always - it depends.

It depends on your business model.

Full disclosure - I’m a big proponent of cloud.

I like to live inside of my web browser.

It’s just easier.

With that said I want to dispel the myth that somehow building environment in somebody’s private cloud as opposed to Microsoft Office 365 makes you more secure from a compliance perspective.

It’s just not true.

It’s just a different way of doing things.

Some people are comfortable with having their computing environment in somebody’s data center.

Some people want it in a browser.

Moving your computing and putting it in someones data center is not always the best option.

It really comes down to what line of business applications you run.

Your business model.

Your business needs.

And will the technology allow you to be secure, productive and scale.

There are many ways to tech.

Choosing wisely makes all the difference.