It's Time To Go All In On Cloud

I was working with a company yesterday who runs 100% in Google G Suite.

It’s a beautiful thing to see.

All documents arranged properly.

All documents created and maintained using Google Apps.

Email flowing through Gmail.

It really is a beautiful thing to see.

This company has 80 employees all working productively using Google products.

Contrast this to another company that I also worked with yesterday.

They use Microsoft Office 2010 on their PCs in their office.

They have an old server with one big folder called Public where they store all of their data.

This company does not have access to their data remotely.

The only application they can access remotely is email.

If someone needs to work on a project they come into the office.

With this setup only one person can work on a document at a time.

No document collaboration.

So they usually just wait until the first person is done before the second person can edit the document.

First company just needs access to the Internet to work from anywhere.

They can even take a document offline and work on it without Internet if needed.

I know I’m getting into the bits and bytes of things here but it’s really great to see a company that’s 100% cloud and doing it well.

Work is really much easier when you’re up in the cloud.

It really is.

All it takes is a little commitment on your part to make that change.

More and more businesses are moving to the cloud every day.

Shouldn’t your business be one of them?