Decision Making 101 - Just Flip A Coin

Year's back I went through a period in my life where making decisions became difficult.

I was going through some things in my life and got a little brain cloud.

Thank goodness for mentors.

Year's earlier a mentor of mine taught me that most decisions in life don’t matter.

Take that in for a minute.

Most decisions in life don't matter.

It was a revolutionary thought at the time and so I wrote it down in my journal.

And there it sat for many years.

The good thing about capturing pearls of wisdom in a journal is that when you need them they’re there.

So in my moment of indecision I decided to ponder my mentors words.

And as I pondered...

It became more and more clear - at least to me. 

That most of the decisions we make everyday really don’t matter that much.

It was in that moment that I flashed back to a KISS song by Ace Frehley.

No seriously, I really did flash back to an Ace Frehley song.

Anyway - the song is called Two Sides Of The Coin.

And in that moment - I decided that flipping coins was the answer for me.

If I needed to decide what restaurant to eat at I would just flip a coin.

If I wanted to decide what to eat.  I would look at the menu. Pick two items and then flip a coin.

Pretty soon most any decision was decided by a coin.

The more I did it - the more I realized the truth of the matter.

And that is - that most decisions don’t matter.

Within a few weeks my bout with decision making cleared up.

And I didn’t need the coin anymore.

I still carry a quarter in my pocket to remind me that most decisions don’t matter.

And it still gets whipped out on occasion to help move things along.

I shared this with lesson with my son but he thinks I’m nuts.

Still for me - it works wonders.

Sure there are decisions in life that are important.

Decisions that will define you.

Decisions that will affect the lives of others.

But they are few and far between.

Most days it’s just decisions like will you have the chicken or the steak tacos.

Sometimes you just have both.

Other times just flip a coin.