Got Tech Strategy?

Do you have a tech strategy?

Whether you have an in-house IT person or IT company that handles your tech - you need a tech strategy.

Sounds simple enough but most small business don’t have a tech strategy.

Here’s a quick 6 point checklist to see where you’re at.

By the way…

You’ll need a company that can do all of these.

Lands - Provides you with technology solutions.  This doesn’t mean - just walk by your office with an idea. This means understanding where you’re at today and where you need to go.  And then, providing insightful direction.

Install - Implements technology solutions.  This doesn’t mean- just setting something up.  This means properly installing and implementing apps, processes, services and systems in your environment.

Embed - Helps drive staff adoption of new technologies.  This is really where the rubber hits the road.  It’s one thing to install a new solution.  It’s whole different thing to foster adoption.  Embedding also means providing insight and leadership into how to make the most of your technology.

Manage - It’s in the name.  Manage.  Managing means effectively overseeing your tech.  Keeping things running and up to date.  Good management = Productivity.

Review - Regular monitoring and assessing your technology.  Making sure that you're maximizing your investment in your tech.  This doesn’t mean passive reviewing.  This mean proactive reviewing.

Expand - Last but not least you’ll need an organization that provides a vision for tech through discussions and road maps.  Someone who is always helping to move your business forward.

So there you have it.  6 strategic functions you need in your business tech.

How’d you do?