Proposals Proposals Proposals

Last week I met with 3 clients regarding projects to do with the tech in their business.

All three as you might have guessed had different needs.

During each meeting we discussed the challenges they’re facing.

We discussed their requirements.

We also touched on some possible solutions and how they might fit with what they are looking for.

I captured the discussion and reviewed it with them.

With information in hand it’s now time to work up some solutions.

So what does that look like?

What happens after Rob goes back to the office?

Well, first I compile all of the requirements.

Then I review and select appropriate solutions - based on my experience.

This may be - a tool, an application or a service.

Sometimes it’s one solution.  Sometimes it’s a few solutions.

Then based on the selection a scope and estimate are written.

Depending on the solution additional collateral and/or a full on presentation may be needed. 

Once I’m ready - I’ll meet with the client to review the proposal.

This week I’ve got 4 to 5 proposals to complete.

Nobody said it would be easy.

Sometimes things come in waves.

When the waves are happenin’

You’ve just gotta get on your board and go for it.