Rivers Of Red Bull

Years ago a buddy and I decided to once and for all determine what the best energy drink was.

We spent one month drinking every energy drink under the sun.

It almost killed us.

But in the end we decided on Red Bull.

That was many years ago and for good or for bad I've drank a lot of Red Bull.

As a result - today I share my knowledge with you of the differences between Red Bulls.

Apparently many people don’t know that regular Red Bull comes in 4 distinct flavors.

There’s Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and United States.

Based on my own scientific research the flavor difference lies in the water source used to make each Red Bull.

Please note that Red Bull marketing information states that Alpine waters are used in the making of Red Bull and that there are only 2 sources where Red Bull is made.  Austria and Switzerland.

But that doesn’t answer the fact that their can’s are labelled with 4 different sources.

So after exhaustive testing and sampling under many conditions, and I mean many - I offer you my rating of the best tasting Red Bulls.

1 - United States. It’s the smoothest and most familiar flavor to my taste buds.   It’s a tough find but if you see one drink one.  They’re like unicorns.

2 - Switzerland - This the second most common Red Bull in the states.  It was originally my favorite Red Bull until I found a Unites States can.

3 - Austria - This is the most common flavor out there.  If you buy a 4-pack or a 10-pack you’re drinking Austrian Red Bull.  This is the original and still a great Red Bull.

4 - Netherlands = There’s something different about Red Bull from the Netherlands. Not sure what it is outside of a slight bitterness but it’s enough to bring it in at fourth place.

Please note that my rating does not take into account sugar free Red Bull since this only comes from Switzerland.  At least last time I checked.

So yeah, if you’re looking for that ultimate Red Bull experience there is a difference.

Even within a single brand there are differences.

Although they may be subtle - there are still differences.

People notice the little things.

Heck I noticed.

Sometimes it’s the little things that people notice.