Keeping Bigger Customers

I met with a client yesterday that provides services to Fortune 500 companies.

There a small start up a that’s managed to get some pretty big contracts.

And that’s pretty impressive.

I’m helping them through some tech challenges they’re facing as a result of running in startup mode.

The challenge they’re facing can be distilled down to the following phrase.

If you’re going to play with the big boys then you need to act and behave like the big boys.

Still, that didn’t keep them from getting some pretty big contracts.

One challenge this company is facing is that the policies that Fortune 500 companies have may affect their long-term viability as a vendor.

You see, public companies have compliance and policies they abide by and those policies trickle down to their vendors.

A lot of companies have this challenge.

Many do little to nothing about it.

My client recognizes the importance of being compliant and wants to make sure their business is fortified against any potential issues.

So we’re working on a plan to rebuild things up from the ground up.

It’s not a lot of change.

But it will make them enterprise ready.

Aligning a small business with an enterprise can be done.

Granted it’s more of a microcosm of an enterprise company.

But a small business can be enterprise.

They can have all of the things that an enterprise company has.

The good thing is we can do it without all of the baggage of a Fortune 500 company.

Adding some sophistication to your environment is not as hard as it seems.
It just takes a little willingness on your part.

With a few changes in their environment this client will be able to meet their clients vendor requirements.

They’ll be able to go toe to toe with the big boys.

This is going to be a fun one.