Get The Ball Inbound

I had a meeting with a company yesterday to help us with our online marketing. 

Building the perfect beast has been quite a process.

We really want to improve this part of our business and so we’ve been putting a lot of effort in on this one.

Though the process we’ve found that there are several areas that need our attention.

Things were starting to get a little overwhelming until the company we’re working shared this thought.

If you just get the basics right you will see a big return.

It sounded very similar to what I share in my message on getting your tech right.

And that is…

If you’ve got the basics in in place.
Those key things you need to run your environment.
You’re halfway there.

Sounds too simple huh?

I know it sounds silly but it really is just about executing.

It’s about getting the ball inbound. 

And when the ball is inbound - then you can play the game. 

Then you can win. 

Nothing happens on the sidelines. 

With tech or any aspect of your business it’s about making sure the basics are happening. 

Each area of your business has its core functions. 

And each areas has it’s own basic best practices. 

Follow those and you’ll be well on your way to success.

Commitment and execution are key.

Now let’s get that ball inbound and moving.