The Power Of A Plan

I met with a new vendor yesterday.

My company is looking for services and so for we’re interviewing a few different vendors.

This vendor really knew their stuff.

They shared samples of their work.

They shared their analysis of our situation in detail.

They even described their process in detail.

But there was one thing that was missing.

They didn’t have the power of a plan.

We live in a world where people want saviors.

We’re looking for people to take us to the promised land.

When we buy we buy for one of two reasons.

Either were looking for a hero to save us from our pain or we’re looking for someone with a vision of something better.

In either case - having a plan is critical to your success.

It helps you build followers and fans.

It makes you a leader.

It makes you attractive.

But most of all it captures people’s attention.

And when you have their attention they’ll take action.

So yeah, having a plan for yourself and being able to make plans for others is a differentiator.

It is.

Never doubt the power of the plan.