End #NetNeutrality - Bring Back Blockbuster Video

We long for the days of Blockbuster Video.

Getting in the car and driving down the road to the video store.

Checking the New Release aisle and finding that our pick of the week is out of stock.

Then roaming the aisles in search of that B rated movie to watch for the evening.


Just kidding.  No one wants that.


While ending #NetNeutrality might not bring back Blockbuster Video it will indeed be a step backwards or at least a really painful step forwards.

This issue of #NetNeutrality is close to my heart.

That’s because my career in technology is in part a result of Deregulation and the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Imaging a young kid in a flannel shirt and sandals building the internet.

Yep.  That was me.

Innovation was at an all time high.

Ideas became reality.

The Internet changed everyone’s world.

But looking back on it now - Deregulation failed on many levels.

The Telecommunication Act of 1996 failed on many levels.

The big companies that were deregulated are the only ones left now.

Funny - It seems like we made no progress.

Which brings us to 2017.

There’s a new FCC dude in town and he’s in the process handing the Internet to those same big companies.

Only this time around the FCC is giving them more power.

Oh, FCC why do you do this?

Does the net need a upgrade?

It does.

Do more people need access to high speed internet?

They do.

Do people need access to whatever app or service they want?

They most certainly do.

As you can tell - I’m not a fan of the FCC’s plan to repeal #NetNeutrality.

I don't need to pay more then I'm already paying.

I pay around $300.00 a month for internet, cable and mobile.

I don’t buy premium channels or know what winter is coming means.

But still - $3,600 a year for access isn’t anything to laugh at.

Compared to my Blockbuster membership it’s highway robbery.

I’ve built out fiber networks across this country and abroad.

I’ve built ISP’s out of a garage.

I’ve worked in the old NAP’s as well as in IXP’s around the globe.

I’m a huge proponent of freedom on the NET, the Internet, World Wide Web, Cloud or whatever you want to call it.

Freedom meaning - free to access to everything.

The Internet I helped to build along with many others is a wonderful thing.

Don’t let the FCC repeal #NetNeutrality.

FCC do the right thing.  

Come up with a real solution.