Kick Me

I was onboarding a new client this week.

A cool little company up in Deerfield Beach.

As we were onboarding the operations manager came up to me and asked - when are you going to change the password on the server?

I told him it would be in a few minutes, after I finished the current task I was working on.

He said - Okay, I’ll go make a backup right now.

And off he went on his way.

I finished up my task and walked over to the computer room.

We then got to talking about his server.

Apparently they caught a virus about a month ago and they lost some data.

But that wasn’t all.

This operations manager went on to tell me that a year ago they lost a lot of data.

I was scratching my head.

He went on to tell me that their last IT company was a real let down.

No kidding! - I thought in my head.

The thing is…

Companies do this all the time.

They hire an IT person or company to take care of their systems.

The person does a poor job and as a result a company’s data is compromised or worse - lost.

Now I understand there might be one incident everyone once in a blue moon where something happens. (But you have a recovery options in place and so you’re covered)

It’s just the nature of things.

What’s sad about all this is that companies allow issues like this to go on and on until they finally can’t take it anymore.

It’s like that kid walking around in high school with a piece of paper on his back it says “KICK ME” that can’t seem to figure out why he keeps getting kicked.

It’s not until some kid with a heart or teacher puts his or her arm around them and takes off the tag that things change.

Don’t let your business get kicked around by some troublesome IT company.

Keep your vendors accountable.

Keep your vendors honest.

Cut them loose when they suck.

It’s your business not theirs.