The Next Big Idea

Most people would agree that the landscape of business is changing.

It’s changing in ways we expected as well as in some very unexpected ways.

As a result, there are some interesting developments that businesses are going to have to figure out to stay competitive.

Or they can just wait for somebody else and be a follower instead of a leader.

Now assuming some companies may want to be leaders - consider the following.

It currently goes under the term artificial intelligence or AI.

It will probably be called something else in the the next five years.

The whole concept of cameras, sensors and back-end automation offers your business challenges and opportunities at the same time.

While this technology will helping businesses; It’s not all thought through yet.

In the retail space there’s a lot more movement towards implementing artificial intelligence.

Things like inventory sensors, cameras that measure traffic and sensors and track your person. 

In the traditional brick-and-mortar business these technologies haven’t been tapped yet.

There’s an opportunity here.

There’s an opportunity to leverage technology in your business.

Cameras don’t have to be for used just for security surveillance.

They can be used to understand and gather data on all sorts of things.

Maybe you want to understand employee movement throughout your office.

There are all sorts of ideas that will pop up.

Typically all it takes is a few guys sitting on the back porch and an new idea will be born.

There’s all sorts of tech going on out there.

It can help change your business.

Things aren’t just about computers and servers anymore.

There are apps and technologies that will revolutionize your industry.

Grab a cold drink and your buddy who’s always good to bounce ideas off of and get to planning that next big thing in your business.

Oh, and here's some background on AI to help you get started.