Fear Of Time Blocking

I don’t know why it is but every time I sit with someone and map out their week in time blocks it freaks them out.

Let me step back for a minute.

A couple times a year I’ll do an exercise where I map out where I spend my time during the week and during the month.

I call it Time Blocking.

The reason I do this is that I want to see where I’m spending my time and determine what steps I can take to be more efficient and productive.

Back to the future.

For some reason when I do the time blocking exercise with other people they get freaked out.

I’m not sure why people are so insecure.

Maybe it’s because someone is questioning where they spend their time?

Maybe it’s because they’re questioning their time?

Maybe it’s because they feel lost in their job and they’re not sure what they should be doing?

Maybe it’s because they’re just showing up for the paycheck and just got exposed?

Who knows?

The funny this is that no matter how much explanation and reassurance I lay out before starting the exercise people get freaked out.

Oh well.

Regardless, I do think it’s a worthwhile exercise.

Time blocking what you’re spending your time on is a good way to see where you’re at.

It’s an opportunity for you to find wasted time, remove unwanted tasks, automate repetitive tasks and cancel meetings that don’t provide any value.

So yeah, I don’t mind sharing what I spend my time on.

Do you?