My Manifesto

Years ago before reading dozens of management books I came up with a simple personal manifesto.

I typed it up,  printed it out, and hung it by my desk.

I didn’t mind if people read it.

Heck, I sort of hoped they would help me with it.

Some people actually did.

I called it the 5 D’s.

Funny thing is.

Year’s later -  I haven’t changed it.

It’s stayed true for me.

Sure I could put other things in there.

But it’s enough to keep me on track.

Keep me focused.

And keep me moving.

If you don’t have a manifesto.

Consider writing one.

It takes some thinking.

It takes some honesty with yourself

But it’s worth having in the end.

My Manifesto

Ability to self-regulate and know what to do when it needs to be done.

Delegate responsibilities that do not align with your value level.

Motivate and lead staff.

Through your manners, actions and speech - visually and verbally display your position.

It has to be your dream to - or else this whole thing won't work.