Get Excited About Tech

Do you get excited about the tech in your business?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Maybe it’s the people you’re working with?

Maybe it’s you?

If you look at tech in terms of a another checkbox you’re missing the mark.

If you look at tech as some necessary evil then something is indeed wrong.

The business landscape is changing.

Traditional business models that have worked for years are now transforming into online business models.

It’s a coming.  It really is.

While your business may not transform into a 100% online business, the tools and tactics need to be relevant and sustainable are the same.

In his book Jack Welch and the 4 E’s of Leadership, Jack captured the essence of what a person and/or company for that matter - needs to be viable.

The 4 E’s are - Edge - Energy - Energize - Execute

Does your business possess these traits?

If not, how do you capture people’s interest?

How do you keep their attention?

Consider this...

Tech is a key ingredient in being viable.

Tech can help you achieve and maintain the 4 E’s in your business.

Next time you come across a service provider stop for a moment and think…

Am I experiencing Edge Energy Energize Execute or am I sitting here staring at my phone or distracted by some other means.

If so.

It might be time to make a change.