What's Your Value Add?

Back in my Motorola days there were a lot of processes.

It came with the territory.

One of them was dubbed the People Quadrants.

As managers we’d be asked on an annual basis to review and rank all of our staff.

The resulting deliverable would be a diagram displaying all of our staff in their associated quadrant.

From there staff would be managed accordingly, which meant the following.

Staff that landed in quadrants 1,2 or 3 would have an appropriate performance plan created based on their quadrant.

If a staff member landed in quadrant 4 we’d create a plan to replace the person or dissolve the role.

Tough I know.  But it's a business.

As I’m in the midst of planning for the coming year I’m doing a similar exercise in my business.

But this time there’s one key element I really want to extract.

And that is...

What is your value add?

Why are you special to me?

We have all hired people into our companies to deliver results.

But the real difference at the end of that day is in the value add.

Those people who bring a little something extra.

We like to think of those people as the keepers. 

It’s super important to know what their value add is and how it helps your company.

It’s also important to let those people know what their value is and why they're important to you.

Knowing what someone’s value add is and sharing it with them helps both parties.

Your staff member receives meaningful recognition.
And you build trust into the relationship and increase retention.

Come to think of it.

What’s your value add?