Process Process Process

I was in a meeting yesterday and I must’ve heard the word process at least 100 times.

It was like a rapid fire machine gun spraying - process, process, process, process.

I was literally dodging from all of the process bullets being fired.

This got me thinking...

Why is it that people want process so bad?

Don’t get me wrong I’m a big fan of process.

Heck, one of my superpowers is that I operationalize things.

Can process help increase productivity?

I’d say it does.

But process is not a silver bullet.

Mind you it’s a great tool to have.

But at the end of the day process is nothing but a tool.

Turn process into a religion and it largely falls on deaf ears.

I’ve seen it in Fortune 100 companies as well as in small businesses.

The sermon of process on the deaf masses.

So back to my meeting.

As I think more about it - it became apparent that the word process was being used to overcompensate for something.

You see, typically when someone doesn’t know what they want - they want process.

But that’s not a solution.

Don’t be a victim of process.

Grab the bull by the horn‘s.

If you really want process, and you should - write out your processes.

Take out a sheet of paper -  yes I said paper.

And write out the core processes in your business.

It should be typically around 4 to 5 processes that your business runs on every day.

Next, get some people in a room and review your processes.

Have other people validate the processes.

Talk about your processes.

Then organize your business around those processes.

Create rewards around the process.

Just like any habit you implement in your life -  It needs to make sense and it needs repetition. 

Good processes work.  Bad processes don’t.

And last but not least.  Don’t over complicate things!

If you need help with the process in your business I’m here to help.

A big part of getting your tech right is knowing your process.