Tech Motels And Hotels

Have you ever stayed at a motel?

You know, those roadside motels that are super cheap.

A few years back I was driving, I was tired, it was late and so I decided to pull into one of these budget motels to get a quick night sleep before continuing on my journey.

To my surprise I was actually impressed by the simplicity of the place.

They had the basics down.

There was no lobby.

You had to get your room key by talking to someone through bulletproof glass.

The place had been newly renovated so it was in pretty decent shape.

The room had a bed, a nightstand, a small TV on the wall, and a very basic bathroom.

They had all the basics covered.

There are a lot of companies out there who cover the basics.

When your company needs are basic a basic company might be all you need to service your needs.

As your company becomes bigger and possible more complex - more often than not - the basics aren’t enough.

You’ll need the basics plus.

Think of it as the difference between a Motel 6 and The Four Seasons.

While I don’t stay at the Four Seasons every time I travel I do try to keep it around The Marriott range so that I have a good experience.

Has your business outgrown your basic IT needs?