Learn One Thing New Every Day

Learn one thing new every day.

Something I’ve lived by for a long time has been the idea of learning one thing new every day.

It may be something big.

Or it may be something small.

But the idea of learning one thing new every day helps you to develop a growth mindset.

It keeps you moving forward.

While this concept seems simple enough there are 3 ingredients to doing this every day.

1 - Do
Be proactive. Look for opportunities to learn. Listen to what others are saying.  Ask questions. These sorts of behaviors are the activity that builds the habit. Eventually once doing becomes a habit the behavior will be a resident thought that sits in your brain - ready to engage.

2 - Recognize
When you learn something recognize it.  No matter how big or small.  Take a second to acknowledge what just happened.

3 - Celebrate
Lastly, when the learning opportunity presents itself celebrate the moment. When learning happens for me I usually say to myself - I’ve learned one thing today I can go home now. Please no I don’t actually go home.  This is how I celebrate my moment. I gives me a feeling of completion and reinforces my habit.

While you may not a major revelation every day, it’s the little things you pick up on a daily basis, on your journey of life that can add up to a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Don’t sell yourself short.

Be a lifetime learner.

It pays off big time.