Red Light Green Light


When I was a kid I loved to play red light green light.

My friends and I could play that game for hours.

Just a bunch of young troublemakers running up and down the street.

Little did we know that we were building a bad habit.

In business today there's a lot of stop and go.

A lot of do this—don't do that.

Basically, red light green light adult style.

It's like the childhood game has followed us into the future and into our daily lives.

It’s everywhere.

When it comes to the tech in your business starts and stops can really mess things up.

You’re left with things half done.
You're left with things in a state of broken.
You’re left with workarounds and Band-Aid’s.

Getting the tech right in your business is about developing a constant flow.

Keeping a steady pace.

It's about finding that rhythm in your business and then maintaining it.

Don't get caught up in a game stop and go.

Find your flow and stick with it.

You’ll be glad you did.