The Mall Was The Web

My parents came to visit and we got to talking about shopping.

You see, my neighbor buys pretty much everything online.

There’s a package outside their door practically everyday.

And so we got to talking about why that is.

My mom said she likes to go to the mall and look around.

She searches around until she finds the item she wants and then checks out.

I explained to her the concept of buying stuff online and she said that it just wasn’t for her.

She likes going to the mall.

She’s old skool.

Which got me thinking about how year’s back the mall was the web.

Very much like shopping online today, you’d go to the mall, find the product you were looking for and then check out through their checkout process.

Nowadays, the whole experience of looking around, finding what you need and then buying it has been replicated in a digital medium.

They say the malls are dying.

And so I put the statement to a test.

I went and visited a few malls around and you know what?

The malls are dying.

Fewer and fewer people are going to malls in my neck of the woods.

While there are some that get more traffic than others the experience has definitely gone online.

If malls can die then what does that say for other brick and mortar businesses?

As time changes your business can become a dinosaur.

It’s the people who figure out how to transform their businesses into an online model that will stand the test of time.

Notice I didn’t use the word replicate because that’s not really what going online is all about.

My mom is pushing 80 and so online shopping isn’t going to be a thing for her.

But it’s not too late for you.

I enjoy helping businesses grow into the future.

Transformation is the key.

It’s the route to growth.

It’s the route to the future.