Security Awareness Month


In keeping with my promise about not talking about security I enter this, my once a year, security tinged article.

I was having a discussion with some guys the other day about using the community based wireless available through Xfinity and AT&T.

To my surprise most of the guys said they absolutely refuse to use any of those public networks.

So I asked them why?

They said that they were insecure and that from a security perspective it was completely unsafe to use any form of publicly available Wi-Fi.

Being that I use the community Wi-Fi provided by Xfinity quite often I thought this was a silly stance.

My rebuttal was…

Do you use a condom every time you have sex?

Everyone laughed.

You see, our security views are based largely on fear and ignorance.

It’s fear that makes us afraid of Russian hackers.

On the flipside it’s ignorance that makes government officials set up their own email servers.

Society in general—has no clue about security.

As a result, there is a lot of fear and misinformation around this topic of security.

At best all we can hope for is that people can learn the concept of having common sense. 

—Of practicing safe actions when using technology.
—Of not clicking on things just because they look interesting.
—Of not opening an email because it says free something or whatever.
—Of not installing some app on your phone because it looks cool.
—Or worse just because it’s free and the one you really want you have to pay for.

It’s things like this that are common sense for some but very uncommon sense for others.

This results in lost productivity.

This results in malware getting onto your computer.

This results in people continuing to not have a clue about security. 

There’s a big problem with technical literacy in our country.

It causes problems every day.

My role is to help people understand and make good technology decisions.

Helping one business at a time.

Helping one person at a time to make the world a better and safer place.

Happy Security Awareness Month!

Be safe.