The Cloud 4 for 4

The Wendy's 4 For $4 is an incredible deal.

You get a burger, fries, drink and chicken nuggets all for four bucks.

A similar incredible deal is available for the tech in your business.

It's called the Cloud 4 for 4.

And whether you live in hurricane land or not it's a great deal.

Having for the following 4 tech items in the cloud dramatically improves your business reliability and recoverability..

Before I give you the 4 let me give you the benefits.

  1. Your physical location is no longer a single point of failure.
  2. You enable the ability for you and your staff to work remote.
  3. You can now work from anywhere on the planet where there's Internet or Wi-Fi.
  4. If someone is sick you can have them work from home and avoid contaminating your office.
  5. You have your company data at your fingertips anytime anywhere.
  6. Updates and upgrades to systems are now built-in.

With all those benefits I guess you could say that the Cloud 4 of 4 is the best deal in town.

So what is the cloud 4 for 4.

Well here it is. 

  1. Email in the cloud. Your options are Office 365 or Google G Suite.
  2. Files in the cloud. Meaning, your data in the cloud. Once again choose one of the above.
  3. Phone system in the cloud.  This is key.  If you choose the right system you can operate from anywhere.
  4. Your line of business app in the cloud. This includes the core application your business runs on as well as your accounting app.

So there you have it.

The cloud 4 for 4.

The brainchild of yours truly.

Implement it in your business today.

You'll be glad you did.