Why Can't I Email My Videos

I have a client that does a lot of online video.

I mean a lot of video.

Recently they did an event where several of the staff captured video on their phones.

This gave them the ability to capture different moments of the event.

It was pretty cool.

After the event staff members began emailing their videos to each other to share.

Now normally this wouldn't be a problem except for that this client uses Google G Suite.

And unfortunately Gmail has a 25 MB per file attachment limit.

So videos had to be sent as Google Drive links which is the recommended method.

This in turn caused more problems with permissions and link access.

Now I understand why you would want to limit attachment sizes but at the same time other platforms like Microsoft Office 365 allow for much larger attachments.

It's little inconveniences like this that can put a damper on your day.

In the tech world there a large problems and there are little problems.

While this issue didn’t bring this business to a grinding halt it was enough of a speed bump to warrant a discussion.

Side note… If you're thinking about making the switch to Google G Suite make sure you consider the attachment limitation if that’s a thing for you.

If you’re open to sending links then Google away!