We are constantly being bombarded with so many things that it can be really easy to just give into the routine.

It can be super easy to be pacified by the distractions.

I've been thinking about how to manage the distractions lately as I've been updating my own planning and tracking system.

So as an exercise, I tracked all of the tasks that I accomplished in one day.

It was pretty impressive list impressive by any stretch of the imagination.

The sheer sheer volume of tasks that were accomplished in one day was pretty cool to see.

But when reviewing the tasks against my overall goals.

The impressive list quickly became not so impressive.

My mind then jumped to a saying I heard Tony Robbin’s say once that - where focus goes, energy flows.

And so as I upgrade some of my own internal systems it brought me back to getting the tech right in your business.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

If you don't pay attention to something it doesn't mean that it's not there.

You vision and goals are still there.

The attraction to distraction has just caught your attention. 

With that said, you're likely not thinking about or investing in your company's productivity.

Or maybe you are.

If so, that’s awesome!  We should talk.

The tech in your business doesn't require as much attention as you think it does.

But it does require focus.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

A small bucket of time is all it takes to keep your tech on track.

So carve out some time to today to put some brain cells into productivity and improve the tech in your business.