Process and Technology

Process and Technology are joined at the hip. These two inseparable twins are the one-two punch that help modern businesses to win.

The way that process is married to technology is through systems, applications and automation.

The ability to shave a few seconds off of a transaction can mean the difference between a sale or no sale. This is a very real problem when you're selling a product or looking for attention online. It can also apply to your accounts receivable process or hiring process or service and support process.

It's those that truly embrace the concept of being able to do more in less time with greater accuracy that are the fans of process and technology.

In business terms, having great process and technology in your business means -  more dollars coming in the door and more dollars going to the bottom line.

I've had a couple of conversations this week with clients where the cost to automate or implement a system boiled down to a simple value prop question which was this...

What is the value to your business if you solve this problem? Or more boldly stated - What are you willing to pay to make this pain go away?

In one case a client had a problem.  Their current sales dashboard is maintained via a manual process.  This organization is projected to do $100 million in revenue this year.  So the question was - Would you pay $2,000 a year to have a real time dashboard to empower your sales organization to hit that $100 million dollar target?  Is the value to the business worth more than the $2,000 cost?  In this particular client’s case the value totally outweighed the cost.

Here’s the secret.  It’s always a simple value prop question that you should be asking yourself.

So think of technology and process as joined at the hip.  Look at the problems that you have in your business today and see if technology can solve them or better still - Ask yourself - What processes are there in my business today that we can do better at?  Once you have those documented, ask your tech guy how he would solve them.

Dōmo arigatō, Mr. Roboto