Information Technology Defined

You tech guys are always talking in freakin’ acronyms! I don't understand what the hell you're talking about half the time. Quite frankly I think you're a bunch of nerds who sat at the nerd table in high school.

I was a cool kid in high school.  I didn't hang out with the nerdy kids.  Although, to be completely honest - I may have had a few nerd friends in college.


So what the heck is IT anyway?

Well, as as you may know, IT stands for information and technology or information technology for short.  Information meaning that it is the practice of electronically providing information, distributing information, enabling information, blocking information or protecting information.  Basically, anything you can bolt the word information onto, your IT company should be able to do.

Then there's the second word which is technology.

Technology means generally what we refer to in the geek world as anything with a power cord sticking out of it, which has now grown to anything that runs on power or that needs power to run.

As tech guys I admit we do tend to get stuck speaking in acronyms and not speaking in plain English to people.  And it's something that needs to stop. 

As a business owner you need to realize that it's okay to sit at the nerdy kid table, because sometimes those nerdy kids, might actually teach you something you didn't know.

So give your IT guy a call and buy him a drink.  I'm sure you'll come away with some good information and maybe even some good technology.