The Circle of Tech Life

In the world of IT there's something called life cycle management. I like to refer to it as keeping the lights on. 

In business terms it's kind of like operations.  That thing you do every day that keeps you in business.

Life cycle is the most visible part of IT or tech simply because - it's how you interact with your tech every day.

Each device you buy in your tech environment has a useful life span. Typically this is 5 years.

In that time frame a device needs to be maintained.  Meaning it will it will need a lube and tune on a regular basis.  It will also need to be updated because computers and software are as you know - always changing.  It will need to be supported - meaning you'll need to call someone for help.  At the end of that 5 years it will be time to replace it with a new device and begin the life cycle journey all over again. 

It’s that great tech circle of life.

In the world of tech - planned obsolescence is a very real thing.  It's when we ignore obsolescence that we get ourselves into trouble.  

As a business owner I understand the frustration of having to buy or having to pay out money on a regular basis to keep my tech up-to-date.

But in the end it's really no different than having to pay for insurance, paying taxes or paying your rent.

The challenge that we have is that we don't see our tech in the same light.  

We don't embrace it as a cost of doing business.

We see it as this necessary evil of things we have to buy.

And that's what gets us in trouble. 

So think about the old tech stuff sitting around that you've had for years.

Believe me I don't want it to die as much as you don't want it to die.

It dampens my day just as much as it ruins your day, especially when we know that we can get in front of it and get it fixed now.

If you’ve got some old tech still keeping you running consider getting it replaced