No I Am Not Talking About Security

Pretty much, if you go to any IT company's website they will talk about security. 

Apparently IT guys love to talk about Security.

Within the IT community there is this fascination with the topic of security. Everyone considers themselves an IT security expert.  Everyone has very strong opinions on what security products you should use.  Maybe it stems from the fact that many IT guys are just inherently insecure.  And just maybe, their insecurity manifests itself as professing or pontificating on the topic of security.

Don't get me wrong - I believe that having a good security posture is important for any business.

But honestly the last thing on a business owner's mind is security.  I just think that it's unfortunate that people in IT use fear to sell IT services.

When you're selling from a position of fear or buying from a position of fear you're closing your mind to the opportunities that will help you get the tech right in your business.

So yeah,  I'm not talking about security and security will continue to be one of the things I don't talk much about on this platform.

You can choose to operate from a position of fear or you can operate choose to operate from a position of strength.  The choice is yours.

Agree? Disagree?  Shoot me an email.