Tech Is Not Forever

The notion of forever is ingrained in our DNA it would seem.

From popular music, to the arts, to the concept of leaving a legacy.

While I would consider all of these things noble aspirations.  When it comes to technology - it's just not that way. 

The technology in your business does not last forever.

Being a technologist I'm sort of a future present type of guy. So when I walk into an office building or facility and see old tech I generally feel bad.  That’s because my gut tells me there's likely a culture problem in this business. That there are people who are frustrated because things take too long to get done.  That things don't work right.  

That level of frustration just doesn't need to be.

It's in those environments that I hope to find people that are open to change, people that are willing to embrace the concept of updating their technology so that they can realize greater success in their business. 

I'm not saying I look down on poor tech.  Actually, it's completely the opposite.  I see the possibilities.  I really want people to be enabled and empowered.

So think about the tech in your business today.  Is there something that needs to be renovated or updated?  Is there a piece of equipment that has accumulated a little too much dust?

Embrace the idea that technology needs to be refreshed.

That it needs to be regularly updated to stay up with the times.

To enable and not hinder.