Managing Through Tech Inflection Points


Sometimes you can't see the forest through the trees.

Sometimes you're living in a house of pain.

Sometimes things just aren't going the way you planned.

When your business is going through growing pains everyone feels it.

While everyone might not recognize what's going on or what's happening.

That discomfort is an indicator.

A little red flag.

Maybe the accounting department can't process transactions fast enough.

Maybe the shipping department can't ship product fast enough.

Or maybe, people can't get connected to the Wi-Fi at the office to have a simple meeting.

It's at points like these—that your business is at an inflection point. 

And sometimes the next move does not just appear right before your eyes. 

Sometimes, you need a little bit more diagnosis to find the cause of what's in need of repair. 

When this happens—I like to frame things up in most simple terms possible.

So basically I ask…

Where is the pain?

And then I ask myself the same question a few more times to see if there's anything else that I might have missed.

Then, I validate the pain with other people to make sure I'm on the right course.  

Then and only then am I ready to start formulating solutions. 

Sometimes, the problems are within your sphere of influence or knowledge so it's easy for you to say…

Hey that printer over there keep jamming and we called the repairman 3 times and it's not working so let's just get a new one. 

But sometimes the problems are more complex.

And sometimes that means they're just a little bit outside of your knowledge base. 

That's still not a problem.

Just reach out and call in a few experts to help you out!

It all boils down to a little think.

And a little action.

Which basically means:

—Realize you're in pain.

—Realize you don't like being in pain.

—And then do something to fix your pain. 

It's a relatively simple equation.

No one said grow your business would be easy.

But it doesn't have to hurt much. 

So think about what's not working for you and your business.

And act on that pain today.