Great Tech Collaborates


When you're looking to hire a new tech person be it a direct hire or outsourcing…

One of the top things on your list should be finding a great collaborator.

A great collaborator should be able to manage in multiple directions. 

What do I mean by managing multiple directions?

A mentor of mine shared this lesson with me.

A person's ability to manage up, down and sideways is critical to their success in your organization.

Managing up—means you bring things in a structured manner to your manager.  You are able to sell your ideas effectively and achieve your charter as an employee. 

Managing down—is your ability to is the ability to manage people effectively as well as your ability to hire and cultivate leaders and staff.

Managing sideways—is how you work with your peers and how you bring them together to work on common goals.

Let me just say, when you find one of these people you will enable your business in ways you've only dreamed possible.

One caveat.

You still need to manage them well.

The traditional tech person is all about command and control.

They want you scared and unaware.

They want to do things their way.

They dictate not collaborate.

It's not hard to find out the difference and we can talk about how some other time.

But for now, just remember that great tech collaborates.

Go find that diamond in the rough.

It will make all the difference.

By the way…

How well do you manage up, down and sideways???