I'm Your Personal Shopper


It seems like Nordstrom's sort of invented the concept of having a personal shopper.  Need to look that up so don’t quote me.  As an IT guy I often take on the role of personal shopper for our clients.

Here's the thing about having a really great personal shopper.  A great personal shopper really knows their client.  They know their clients likes, they know their dislikes, and they know their clients relationships.

They understand their clients. in a very real and intimate way.

Believe it or not - that's a heck of a lot like being somebody's IT expert.  If you're looking at getting your tech right, having a rock solid partner who understands your business in a very intimate way he will help you in more ways than you can imagine.

So how did I land on this whole personal shopper comparison anyway?  

Well, I’m currently helping out one of our clients.  I just spent the last little bit looking for solutions online, having a few online chats with different providers and making phone calls as I was doing research. I do this for products and services and all sorts of items for clients. 

Matching requirements to the correct solution or options is what I do.

Sure it's more than just picking out that right handbag or letting you know about the latest pair of shoes. There's some technical know-how required to be an IT personal shopper.  

Often what I'm providing his advice and information and not products.  Either way it's always great and helps my clients to have a positive experience when purchasing tech.

The cool thing about what I was doing today was when I finally got down to comparing a few products and matching them to requirements I actually found a really great product that solved a major client issue for less than $20 a month.

It feels good to be able to tell someone that you found a solution to their problem.  It feels even better when it's not a big dollar a solution.

So yeah, that's pretty cool all right.