It's the App Baby!


So many of the tech things that kept business kept small business down are now in available in the cloud.

This has ushered in the decade of the app. 

The extra overhead needed to maintain an IT infrastructure including servers, operating systems, databases and custom applications are close to becoming a thing of the past.

Nowadays—It's all about the app.

More important, it's about finding the right app that works with your company process. 

Is there still a place for IT done the old-school way?

The answer is - it depends on what kind of business you and your needs.  For the majority of small business America the answer is no you don’t need all of that stuff anymore.

This doesn't mean abandon everything you have and move the cloud.  Although for some companies it does mean exactly just that.

The reality is that dollars that you used to spend on old infrastructure can now be redirected towards the app and the people who can help you get the most of that app.

One quick rant on application vendors.

Don't expect that people that sell applications will be able to help you solve your process and business problems. They sell applications not business process no matter what they say. 

The key in all of this is to have a partner that can help you make those decisions if you don't already have that capability in your business today. 

If you have any questions or comments or just need some help.

Feel free to shoot me an email.