How Your Business Talks to Customers


I've been making phone calls over the Internet since the mid 90’s.  In 2017 pretty much every call made in the US runs over IP (the Internet Protocol).

For example, that fax line you have in your office—well, it actually runs out of your building to that phone box out there on the sidewalk, from there it is converted into IP, and now it's on the Internet.  This may be simplifying things a bit but it's basically how telephony works nowadays.

While a lot of companies are communicating primarily via email this these days a lot of people still use the phone and fax as a primary means of communicating with their customers, partners, and vendors.

When I'm out and about visiting small businesses I still see old phone systems hanging on their walls. These systems were probably purchased 10 to 15 years ago. That poor old phone system doesn't know that the world has changed around it.  It's like that little old lady driving in her car down the freeway going 35 miles an hour while everyone is speeding around her.

Is your phone system living in the past?

Is it a ancient artifact? 

You may want to think about moving to a new system.  There are so many features and functions that could improve how you communicate with your customers, clients and staff.

I know lots of businesses who say they get a lot less phone calls nowadays. But the ones that are growing are usually tearing it up on the phone.

So think about your customers for minute.  Are your customers able to reach you in a timely manner?  Are you able to be responsive?  Are customers able to find you when they need you?

Think about your customers experience when they talk to your business.  Is there room for improvement?

There's a lot more to phones than just picking up the phone and hearing dial tone.  

If you need some help figuring phones out shoot me an email.

I’d be glad to help.