Cell Phones and Peaches


Cell phones have transformed our everyday lives. In 2017 a cell phone can now perform any function your computer can and in many cases more.  Sure there are some things that are still best done on a computer but the sheer capabilities now possible on a cell phone are pretty amazing.

Heck, I'm writing this post right now on my cell phone. Whether I'm working in Google G Suite or Office 365 I can access any of my worksheets, docs, presentations, Email, chat and pretty much get anything I need. 

The place it becomes a little bit harder is with line of business apps. But in my case the line of business app I use is available via a web browser and has a mobile client so I'm covered. 

You don't have to call the office and ask somebody to email something for you or look something up for you these days. Unless you like to work that way.

So think about your business, think about your processes. Think about how you execute today. Is there any task or function where mobile could help?

Think of logistics, think of point-of-sale, think of scanning, or documenting.

Cell phones have allowed certain clients to reduce their dependence on laptops. 

Other clients have been able to use cell phones to document while they're out of the office.  This saves them time because they're able to document without having to be at their desk.

Cell phones can be considered low hanging fruit in you tech today.  It's up to you to pluck the ideas.  

Millions of peaches, peaches for me.  Millions of peaches, peaches for free.  Look out